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Over the recent years Yii has become extremely popular with the developers for implementing large scale secure and fast web applications, better to say, has become number 1 choice for many of them. Their bespoke solutions are a perfect blend of creativity and experience. However the Zend skeleton application tutorial may provide you with some info about the framework. One of the pluses is comfortable work with database: it can be used either as Data Access Objects, or as Active Record Yii minuses: Among the downsides of the framework many developers name a quite tough learning curve. Also documentation is currently the weakest part of ZF2: Zend has followed its tradition of bad documentation. It is very vibrant and active and its participants can render great assistance to every developer. With its help it`s possible to create web 2. I experienced this when I got a chance to get the development for my app and website done recently. More than 5 years have passed since ZF 1. Rocco VogelWorldNewsZend Framework and Yii Framework are object oriented web application frameworks written in PHP. $user = new User(); $user->username = hello world ; $user->password = password ; $user->save(); How to delete a record in yii. The basic architecture allows you to attach and detach listeners to named events, both on a per-instance basis as well as via shared collections; trigger events; and interrupt execution of listeners. Their experts define development with off-the-cutter solutions.

During this journey, we achieved new milestones, set higher targets and strived hard to gain them together. It has been quite a good time since when the journey with Octal IT Solution was commenced. As far as development is concerned, each project is handled by a separate teams guided by its PM (Project Manager), thus it is ensured that your project will get a special treatment. And now let`s move to YiiJ Yii is a component-based high-performance PHP framework for developing large-scale web applications. Service manager is simply a layer which will return you the object of any service you want to use in your application with the flexibility to include your own factories. Have you already tried to work with Zend Framework 2. Their expertise in PHP, CMS, e-commerce and many other web development platforms ensure quality as well as the touch of innovation it gets. Application module will be loaded every time so the default stuff goes into the application module. 4 features the position of Yii may sufferJ So let`s start with the “newborn” Zend Framework 2. This new module system is designed with flexibility, simplicity, and re-usability in mind. In no way it can`t be compared with the older ZF versions as ZF has been totally rewritten. $user = User::model()->findByPk($userId); $user->username = hello world ; $user->password = password ; $user->update(); How to save a new record in yii yii framework bitcoin. 0 applications using the high-performance facilities provided by the framework.

Would you prefer ZF2 or Yii for your projects. By using findBySql & current session I checked whether the current password is correct yii framework bitcoin. Yii has handy built-in code generator Gii.Veritaseum.
. Octal IT Solution is one stop where all the issues linked with app, web software development are addressed distinctly. We have not just applied the apt security controls in the application but also made it fairly robust in all departments - dealing with the factors like compatibility, flexibility and performance. They give new heights to the mobile app and website development with their client-centric solutions. The powerful caching support, incisive security and professional approach of Yii Framework helps the developers to get the application of your choice built with least efforts involved. Rich-featured Yii Framework is one of the most celebrated apps development frameworks in the PHP. A Yii Framework expertise finds you the mark of a conventional coder and gives you the sharp edge in field of PHP development. I rendered same change again & want to show this message on that. We have already had a couple of articles in our blog dedicated to this frameworkJ To cut the story short , Yii is very fast and flexible and has many pluses and great features. .EOS.


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Indeed, the framework will try to guess the baseUrl. – Ð¯Ñ Ð¾Ñ Ð»Ð°Ð² Ð Ð°Ñ Ð¼Ð°Ñ Ñ Ð»Ð»Ð¸Ð½ Sep 21 17 at 14:16 add a comment | A = archive bit is set C = …
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写了一个组件,封装了yii调用远程比特币服务器的代码 初学的时候写的,不好勿笑 github地址为 https://github.com/greedying/yii-bitcoin ...
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Yii framework Bitcoin extension simplify incorporation of Bitcoin API (Coinbase) into your Yii application.Now you can start integrate Bitcoin with your Yii e-commerce apps; EasyPaypal EasyPaypal Simplify the Paypal Express checkout integration with your Yii app. Giiplus A new CRUD generator for Yii framework. AjaxGii A complete AJAX …
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In this tutorial series you get to learn about it’s basics . YII is a PHP framework which is in very demand. it is easy to learn and it is used in most web development today. By enrolling in this course you will get a very good grip on creating a …
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Do you want to know what are the best frameworks for web development in ... senior engineer at stay.com and one of the core contributors to Yii framework ... Yii has ...
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To make a Bitcoin donation follow this link ... Use the Yii Reportico controller to design reports, create links and embed reports in your Yii web application.
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All posts tagged "Yii2 PHP Framework" Yii2 How to use Yii2 Batch Insert? By Husnain Aslam December 27, ...

For Setting Up Yii Framework first you need to have LAMP installed on your system
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YII framework: first programming steps and Hallo World by Caribation Labs
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